People Need to be Needed and Need to be Loved


We live in a world of want and waste
So many wanting what they need
While so many others waste what they don’t want
There are troubles in our world today
War, famine, drought, disease, and death everywhere
We all want to change the world but we don’t believe we can
We get hung up on issues that detract from working together
People are feeling hopeless and apathetic
The people who have the least are the ones most willing to give
While the ones with the most are driven by greed
The best and worst of human nature is seen in all of us
Cruelty and hate are in so many faces
Love is out there too trying to overcome
We are all brothers and sisters
The earth we live on is going out of balance
Humans forget that we are only part of the world
We are meant to take care of the Earth and all the other animals
But we also need to take care of the trees and plants
Children should be loved, cherished, and taught to be kind
They will take over after the elders have gone ahead
We mustn’t become indifferent because the task we face is trying
Because together we all can do something to make things better
Even a word of kindness has the power to save a life
Our world is not about humans alone
Every life has a place and reason for being in this world
Let’s not take it for granted, let us become wiser through our compassion
We can heal ourselves and repair damage done
Step by step, little by little, we can change our ways
We just have to rearrange the thoughts in our heads
Start from today, right now, let the past mistakes go and realize that
As long as there is hope, faith, and love
We can become what we really are
Members in life’s intricate and delicate web
Life is simple and we must become simpler too
Life is not about the things we try to buy
It’s about understanding the joy of being
The happiness we feel when giving
We can share the gifts we were given
Because each one has something special to offer mankind
We’re not machines, we’re human beings
Modern life has left us empty and feeling alone
People need to be needed and need to be loved


Don’t Hurt Them, Us, Me

Where are all those pleasantries and finding acceptance in this world of cold collections?
I don’t know how feeding my will can keep me in dreams to burn too soon along the way
Dismissive of life, love, the comedy of tragedy, where are my footsteps falling?

Leave me, take me, bend me, and break me
I’m vision, I’m color, and I’m existence in place

Clowns walk around knowing nothing but dictating policies that demand tribute, for what?
Crushing heart with war and diseases? High price of charity too easily released
Roll yourself up in your flag and your soft warm bed while others cry, die, and kill in your stead

Innocents lost in turmoil and tribulations befall everyone else but not all
I can’t erase my brothers and sisters on a whim of convenience or all the animals that give their lives to please us

Love, please find us, please save us
We’re not tokens, not flotsam in the sea

Nightmare images burning away hope one nightmare at a time
Waste and cruelty in the waning world below
We’re nomads wandering in aimless dismay, shocked that any of this was allowed to be

The suffering of the world is a symphony of screams
The wailing of mothers never ends but is not heard
If all the criminals were condemned, there would be no leaders in power
The rest of us could LIVE with that, stop breaking our backs!!!

I live in my mind too long sometimes
When recovery comes, I’m ill at ease
After the anger comes, the tears flowing out takes so damn long
I started as nothing but feel less now, freedom an illusion to hide pain

Seeing innocents in others makes my heart break
Don’t hurt the creatures, who still believe, don’t hurt them, us, me, please
Maybe my words go to no one or nothing, but I’m not alone in these feelings of wanting to live in peace


Crash me in uneven moment

Solitude forgives

Losing through life’s web

Ever after, no more

Pardon me, I’m sleeping in pain

Cold fingers give way

Breath is restrained

Fading away

No comment before breakfast

Keeping my distance real

Shut the door

Easel is in form again

Paint dries too quickly in peace

Broken vase, wilted flower

Stoned cold savage released…..forever


What is it anyway

I keep reaching out  

I’m so dead inside

I can’t feel anything real

My life is so broken down

 Like stairs that lead to nowhere

I push through and smile when I should

Feign to laugh at jokes, no good

I substitute air for breathing

Excuse me I feel like heaving

Tomorrow comes for another try

Gone into the fake world, I cry

No love to give or accept

What is life and where do we go?

Sands of Prime

The deserts sands of prime wisdom taken hostage

Lost meanings perilous to time no stopping

Hold close the meaning of divine as a state of mind

Every moment left to unwind and unravel up the spine


Enfolding open arms and enslaving

Through years of lies always betraying

All roads lead to nowhere, far from self-loathing

All roads lead here, the place of future foreboding


Shot down and broken fallen to the ground

Is crying just a token or are all actions lying

Every word misspoken to the err of all days

Far away from hoping and hiding in darkened caves


Rattled by the rage of battle and loved ones unkind

No tormentors to save the victims of any sort of abusive crime

Hidden instead under floorboards and barricaded in walls of flesh

Priest  do not absolve the wasted and rotting corpse that is our guest


this lie is believed

Cruelty in the state of lies

No moral righteousness set in pre-determined lives

Born in a prison to only dream of the rise

Out of poverty and ignorance enslaved


Now is the only future ever aspired?

Time frames are concepts not used or conceived

Violence and hungry lack of knowledge acquired

Resigned to be nothing, this lie is believed


Nations led by false profits that serve pain

Keeping the public in debt to stay strong

Wealth owns souls barbered off for false gains

Wretched grinning lying teeth with tongues forked and long


Fuck the powers that be

Fuck the masters’ decree

Fuck the silence

Fuck the imbalance